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Calling writers in all genres from around the globe!

The Co-Directors of Burlesque Press and the founding editors of Florida English in conjunction with MAMMOTH books announce a call for artistic responses to the pandemic to be included in volume one of an anthology devoted to the public, social, and artistic responses to all levels of the current crisis. Submissions of poetry and prose may deal with any aspect of the crisis and should have an origination date of mid-December to the present. 

Our goal is to situate literary responses to all manners of this crisis, including but not limited to emergency preparation, working remotely, literal and figurative isolation, fear, bravery, following news stories, first-hand accounts, shopping, hoarding, political and apolitical writing, and for faculty, the sudden transition to new pedagogies and modes of course delivery. We want to reflect the real impact and interpretations of the pandemic as it is happening to real people and to showcase literary reactions as an anthropological record of human response. We are looking for a cross-section of diverse voices from all areas of the globe. 

We ask for a suggested donation to cover costs of printing, with one dollar from each donation along with all remaining funds after production costs being donated to emergency medical staff in areas of need. 

Submit up to five poems in one single doc., or up to 10 pages of fiction, non-fiction, critical work or prose in general by June 15, 2020 to Submit your work.

Reading board to be assembled by mid summer.

Reading / reviews take place mid-summer to September.

Anthology draft ready by late October.

Book projection by late December.

Questions are to be directed to cjruffner@gmail.com

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.